Ready to Earn Recognition as an Industry Expert?

The InterstedIn Community was founded based on 3 assumptions:

  1. The most passionate experts in any given field often go unrecognized because they are not actively creating content and engaging online
  2. Engaging with thought leaders is the best way to become recognized for one’s expertise
  3. Content consumers (that’s all of us!) are so oversaturated with content that we’ve largely tuned out brand messaging and in favor of content that comes from people we find credible

With that in mind, InterestedIn was created to help industry experts get recognized as thought leaders.

Our suite of services and tools are designed to:

  • Minimize the time required of busy executives
  • Develop a keystone content strategy leveraging articles, podcasts, video series, white papers, webinars reports, events, etc. that will ensure the executive is regularly documenting their knowledge in an engaging way
  • Operate as a PR/marketing machine for executives earning their company brand exposure through content placement, engaging social updates and relevant speaking opportunities

Realistically, what we’re doing is not all that complicated:

  1. We work with clients, and leverages proprietary tools, to identify key thought leaders and iterate on this list regularly
  2. We prepare regular social updates designed to engage with thought leaders
  3. We create keystone content relevant to the industry expert’s strengths
  4. We ensure that each expert has a digital home that can be leveraged to drive additional interview and speaking opportunities

Whether you work with InterstedIn or decide to go it by yourself, we highly recommend you follow the strategy above if you are an industry expert and you want to earn the many associated with significantly raising your profile.

However, we also know that it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to bring together the right mix of content, social and PR people to focus on driving quality engagement. If you want a team that has proven this model out for dozens of executives over many years, let’s set up some time to talk.