Ready to Earn Recognition as an Industry Expert?

Many of the most interesting and knowledgeable industry experts do not get the recognition they deserve.

Through a strategic use of content and social initiatives, our team at InterestedIn works with executives to ensure that the right people get opportunities to earn speaking engagements, interviews, awards, board seats and the many other benefits that go along with being a recognized thought leader.

While working with many different executives over many years, we’ve been intimately involved with marketing and PR campaigns that have helped executives become:

  • Authors who have published New York Times Bestsellers
  • Industry leading award winners like: “Chief Data Officer of the Year”
  • Published authors of industry articles resulting in (literally) millions of engagements
  • Host of top-rated B2B podcasts
  • Producers of a series of award-winning live-video interviews

The key to successful implementation of our system is executive buy-in on three ideas:

  1. People want to talk with people, not brands — Outside of a few high-profile consumer brands, very few companies have been able to successfully engage through social media. The people who define your brand (clients, partners, vendors, journalists etc.) will be much more likely to engage with executives than your brands
  2. Creating consistent quality content (“keystone content”) is key to being recognized as a thought leader — Keystone content could include any number of activities including hosting a podcast, creation of
    quarterly reports, speaking at industry events, getting articles placed in relevant publications or
    writing a book
  3. Executives need help — It’s pretty much a given that any executive who’s recognized as a thought leader in their space has help from a team of marketers and PR people who ensure they’re creating content, engaging with thought leaders and taking advantage of content placement opportunities

We know it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to bring together the right mix of content, social and PR people to focus on driving quality engagement. If you want a team that has proven this model out for dozens of executives over many years, let’s set up some time to talk.