Who are the business podcasters telling great stories?

For the past month or so, I’ve been working on launching a new podcast… and have even gone so far as to work a podcast team to produce a trailer.

However, rather than just rush into the podcast, I thought I would try to immerse myself in the space to better understand what makes for an awesome podcast. Over the past few weeks I’ve probably listened to at least 150 hours of podcasts episodes, with topics including sports, true crime, comedy, business, leadership, science and culture.

To start, I’ve been blown away by is the ability of some people to tell such great and engaging stories via podcasting. Of course, if you made it this far, you heard about Serial, but until my latest podcast binge, I hadn’t taken the time to listen to some great stories like:

  • American Fiasco — Story of the 1998 American Soccer team. So much humor and a great look at soccer from a British perspective as someone who both loves America and soccer…
  • The Wonderland Murders — True crime take on a brutal murder scene found in early 1980’s LA. Wow… Might want to wait till you have a few hours set aside to binge listen
  • Inside Jaws — Ongoing series by Mark Ramsey that looks at the early life of Spielberg through the prism of the movie Jaws. Only two episodes in, but I’m already addicted and cannot wait for the next episode to drop


I love the storytelling in these shows.

However, so far, I’ve been super disappointed by my business podcast options as not many venture far from an interview format… a format that competes with people like Alec Baldwin interviewing Laurie Metcalf, which is really not a fair battle.

The closest business podcaster telling stories is IMB’s Jeremy Waite where he tells a story of different inspirational person in each episode (I started with his Maya Angelou episode and was hooked after that!). However, these podcasts are more leadership-focused than business-focused, so it begs the questions:

Who are the business podcasters telling great stories?

What might it look like if someone tried to create a story from a business topic where we could be both entertained and educated? 

I really don’t have an answer to this second question, but am leaning towards bringing together super-smart people to collectively solve a business problem. More to come on this thought in the near future!

Hmm… often to listen to some more podcasts and plan to post some reviews starting tomorrow!


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